Monowalker Design proudly presents the 2015 trailer model range. Four years ago we started with just a hiking trailer. Later we developed the MONOWALKER cycling trailer conversion kit which makes it possible to convert the hiking trailer into the cycling trailer. Now in 2015, we can offer you a new and extended design concept. The MONOWALKER platform serves as basis for the design. The platform is made of water resistant and sealed plywood and can be converted into various MONOWALKER models. Any one MONOWALKER model, can now be easily converted into another MONOWALKER model with just a little bit of extra effort. For hikers, we offer the one-wheeled MONOWALKER hiking trailer and the two-wheeled MONOWALKER travel trailer. Due to its smart geometry, the MONOWALKER travel trailer, makes it possible for you to only carry 1/3 of the weight of your equipment on your hips. Both trailers are pulled by a carabiner that is attached left and right at the hipbelt of the harness and finally is hooked to the handlebars.


The tried and tested MONOWALKER bicycle trailer now appears in new design. Dufflebags, backpacks, boxes and Peli cases can be packed onto the new plywood trailer platform. For environmentally friendly shopping, the MONOWALKER citymate will be your preferred choice; it is the first shopping trailer that can be pushed in front of you, instead of being pulled behind. The specially made Ortlieb waterproof bags which we offer for this trailer can be of various use in your every day life as they can also be converted into messenger bags or backpacks—and they come with a padded and comfortable shoulder belt.  The MONOWALKER city mate is no one-trick pony, instead you can run or roller-skate with it, pulling luggage of any size. Thanks to the long drawbar, the MONOWALKER citymate has excellent directional stability. If you want to continue your activity or errands by bike with your packed goods, the MONOWALKER citymate can be attached at the seat post of your bike with just one twist. Generally speaking, all MONOWALKER models can be converted into a packframe. The MONOWALKER mountainmate packframe comes in handy for those who often travel by train, like to climb in the mountains or need to carry wood, individual box sizes, huge duffles or cans will appreciate this carrying system.


Love your back, pull your bag ! 

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