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 The Monowalker Travelbag  is a waterproof travelbag with roll closure . It will be sealed in a first step with velcro and then the roll clusure will be wrapped. All seams of the bag are welded, so these are 100% waterproof. The Monowalker Travelbag can be packed tight with 140 l volume or up to 170 l. The bag has a wide opened mouth to fill the bag very comfortable with your camp gear. Due to this wide open space, you can easily carry cut meat from your hunt in this bag. The fabric is easy to clean.  With 140-170 l volume, you can carry the gear of two person.  

If you want to pack the bag, you may fix the short ends with two rods.  The bag has at it`s inside a bag for some accessories. It has inside two compression belts too. Comfortably carried with adjustable padded shoulder strap and carrying handles. 6 D-Rings offer many options to pack addiditional gear on top.  



The Monowalker travelbag will cover the entire Monowalker hiking trailer platform. If you want to carry additional gear,you may choose the excellent VAUDE side paniers that you may find here




Why using a roll closure ? 

Some of you are travelling for a long time and no zipper on a bag is bombproof. If a zipper failes, the complete bag is damadged and useless. For example: the  Tzip zipper of the Ortlieb travelbag is sealed, but has to be lubricated from time to time.  If you miss to lubricate it with Silicone, the zipper of Ortlieb gets damadged after a while. With the roll closure, you have no problems at all and you may choose the volume of the bag yourself by rolling up the roll closure one time or three times. 


Size of the non packed bag? 

The roll closure with stiffener bar has its roots in stuff sack technology. At the Monowalker travelbag the stiffener is devided, so you may pack the bag to half of the size if it is not used and stored in your shelf. 


Size of the packed bag? 

90x50x30 cm up to  90x50x45cm


Weight ?

1850 g


Volume ?

140 - 170  L


Manufactured in .....? 

Handmade in Germany 



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