Any one MONOWALKER model can now be easily converted into another MONOWALKER model

Spending your free time outdoors or walking and biking through town is one of your favorite activities? We offer you versatile trailers for different purposes. Any one MONOWALKER trailer can be converted into any other model with just minor effort and the help of MONOWALKER conversion kits that you can find below on this page. Create your customized MONOWALKER for your very own needs.


Two examples:

• Stow your travel gear on the MONOWALKER cyclemate and start your journey pedaling to Grand Canyon. In Grand Canyon Village, you can convert the MONOWALKER cyclemate into a hiking trailer- the MONOWALKER trailmate.

Enjoy your hike down the south rim, exploring the marvelous characteristics of the Grand Canyon while having all the gear you need for a few days of hiking with you on the MONOWALKER trailer.


• Start your day with a sporty run on your commute from home to work by carrying your mobile office and your suit well packed in our waterproofed bags on the shopping trailer- the MONOWALKER citymate. On weekends, enjoy quality time with your family in nature. With the help of the MONOWALKER conversion kit, convert your shopping trailer into the MONOWALKER travel trailer (travelmate) and carry your picnic to a beautiful place.


Simply enjoy the bliss of nature!


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