1-for-3 Conversionset hiking trailer to bicycle trailer & traveltrailer

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Sales price without tax: 239,50 €
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Conversion set for hiking trailer to cycling trailer & Monowalker travelmate :one-4-three

Included in delivery for conversion:   1 wheel – ( double wall rim, stainless steel spokes - tires, tubes assembled)  with quickrelease axle and wheel attachments at the MONOWALKER platform (the single wheel from the hikingtrailer can be used for the bicycletrailer). 

1 drawbar with Weber coupling  - can be assembled universally on every bicycle with the Weber connecter ( Weber connecter not included) 

Connecter: Weber Design Germany - can be assembled universally on every bicycle, please choose from various models here

With this upgrade kit, you can build as well the Monowalker traveltrailer Travelmate

Units in box: 1
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