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FAQ`s MonowalkerFatmate Hiking Trailer


What colours are available ?

We will offer the Monowalker Fatmate in : 
stealth black with black anodized aluminum parts 
Lemon green – black 
OD green-black


What is the weight of the hiking trailer?

It`s at 9 kg / 19,8 lbs. In reality, you will have 4,5 kg on your hipbelt, if your trailer would be empty.


What is the payload of the Monowalker ?

The payload of the Monowalker Fatmate is 50 kg / 110 lbs. The payload of the lowrider rack is 7,5 kg left, 7,5 kg right= 15 kg . This rack is an option !


How do I get spareparts?

We will have an inventory in Canada and Germany for some parts, so we can ship these in short time if necessary.


What tires do you use? How can I repair it?

The tire and inner tube are standard 20” ( 406mm) x 4” tires . The tire is puntcure resistant. (120 tpi) The inner tube can be easy repaired with a repair kit. No need to carry an extra tube. The valve is a Schrader Valve. You can also assemble a standard 20x 2,0 - 2,5” BMX tire.The rim will take them all. You can save with a good Schwalbe BMX tire 1.5 kg


What is the material of the platform and the handles?

The platform is made of aircraft aluminum 6061. The handles are made of bended 7005 aluminum and wrapped with bar tape.


What is the packed size of the trailer?

The trailer has a packing size of 105 cm length x 60 cm width ( because of the tire size) x 25 cm height at a weight of aprox. 9 kg ( 16,5lbs) . Disassembling takes around 10 min.



How does the disc brake works?

The brake lever at the handle is a friction lever. That means, it remains in the position that you have chosen, without holding it with your fingers. That means you can use it as drag brake if you have long descends or as stop brake if you want to stop. You can also block the brake and lean into the hiking trailer and relax, as standing against a wall.


What is the track width of the cycling trailer ?

It is 80 cm inner width ( tire to tire inner side)


The price ?

" ... hmm ... a spoonful of sugar first: People have many modes of escape to their personal freedom, and all sorts of kit to facilitate adventure and exploration - none of it is cheap. To take just one comparison, if your mode of escape is a mountain bike, you might pay 1000 - 2000 - 5000 USD.. A quality rucksack might set you back 150-450 USD. A Kajak will give you freedom and relief on water, but for 1500 USD or more. Here's the medicine: In this context, and taking into account the sheer quality of this machine, the 715 Euro price tag of the Monowalker might seem really very reasonable. What price your knees, hips and back, anyway? Consider it is an investment in your future freedom ... or, as the price to pay for a new lease of LIFE!" We are producing this hiking trailer with high end components, made for you who want to spent the most precious time of the year in the great outdoors. The special designed harness is made in Italy at a highly regarded mountain equipment supplier. It can be used to tow the fully loaded hiking trailer or a pulk in the winter and can be used to convert the hiking trailer into a packframe. The trailer itself has many special features that are made exclusively for us and not out of the shelf. Its discbrake and tire are the best quality you can get on the market and the hub has a special design, to convert it from a standard hub to a wheelchair hub to convert the hiking trailer to a cycling trailer with only one additional wheel. The travel bag is made from quality waterproof durable material and uses a sealed  zipper to protect your gear from water and dust. We have the ambition to build the best hiking trailer on the market to carry your gear in remote and extreme areas in the world.


Is the handlebar section adjustable according the body height ?

Yes, the handle can be adjusted at the main frame for people from 1,62 m -1,90 cm.


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