Be independent on your hiking or cycling trip : with Solar Panels and charger kits from Goalzero

The Monowalker is a great transportation device on your hiking and cycling trip for food, water and gear. But the Monowalker is as well a great transportation device for solar panels and charging devices. We were looking for the best product on the market and offer you Goalzero Solar Panels that you can fix on the Ortlieb Big Zip or Duffle bag.  With Goalzero Solarpanels and powerpacks you can charge your smartphone, i-pad, e-book, MP3 player, GPS, headlamp or Laptop. You will never run out of energy.  





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Solar Panels & portable power

Goalzero Switch 8

Sales price: 83,19 €
Sales price without tax: 83,19 €

Product details

Goalzero Guide 10 plus

Sales price: 100,00 €
Sales price without tax: 100,00 €

Product details

Goalzero Sherpa 50 Solarkit

Sales price: 335,29 €
Sales price without tax: 335,29 €

Product details

Goalzero Sherpa 100 Solar Set

Sales price: 503,36 €
Sales price without tax: 503,36 €

Product details

Luna LED Light

Sales price: 8,40 €
Sales price without tax: 8,40 €

Product details

Goal Zero Firefly Light

Sales price: 13,44 €
Sales price without tax: 13,44 €

Product details

Goal Zero Rock Out Solar Speaker

Sales price: 50,41 €
Sales price without tax: 50,41 €

Product details

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