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Monowalker Fatmate

The Ultimate Hiking Trailer to Carry All of Your Gear Anywhere!










The Monowalker hiking trailer will soon become your best "mate". It' s an all- terrain marvel. It is made for:


  • Hikers who appreciate adventures in nature and don’t want to hike with heavy weight on their shoulders

  • Climbers who want to bring equipment to a base camp before an expedition 

  • Photographers & Documentary Filmmakers who want to carry heavy gear and outdoor equipment

  • Parents who want to camp with their children but have too much to carry for 2-4 people.

  • People who cannot carry much weight on their back, due to back or leg injuries

  • Youth group leaders who need to carry personal items plus group equipment

  • Disaster Control personnel who need to carry heavy equipment on trails where vehicles are of no practical use

  • Hunters who need to pull animals out of the woods

  • Bushwalkers who want to do long distance walks, carrying water and food for many days without access to civilization for periods of time

  • Fishermen, who like to go fishing in remote areas

  • Worldtravelers who like to carry gear for a year with more comfort

  • Scientists, who need to carry (laboratory) gear for field work

  • Trail maintenance groups, that carry heavy construction gear Scientists in nature who need to carry equipment on narrow trails




Hi , as an avid climber, hiker and adventurer with a love of the outdoors, I've spent countless days, weekends and months traversing different landscapes and countries, and like most people who enjoy the freedom of traveling light, I went with the best backpacks I could find. But no matter how light my gear was, I still had the typical strains on my knees, shoulders and neck. As new innovations make lighter gear for the outdoors, it seems that the way we carry our gear has remained the same.






As a Product Manager in the  bicycle industry and with the practical knowledge that wheels make it easier to carry our essentials, I became inspired to create a hiking trailer. The Monowalker Fatmate hiking trailer carries all your gear on all terrain. Due to its smart geometry half of the gear weight is on the trailer. The remaining weight is only on your hips, specifically on the hibelt, attached through two snap hooks.


These are connected with the handles. That way, no weight is on your shoulders or neck. With this kind of support your hike will become much more relaxed and you will be able to comfortably carry extra supplies while enjoying the great outdoors.  





For the past three years, Monowalker Design has successfully built the Monowalker Trailmate -a hiking trailer with a wooden platform. See more impressions on Flickr. It has been the best "mate" for hikers all around the world. Incorporating all of the experience and expertise that we have gained in the past years with this model, we have now upgraded this original model.



These are the new features of the Monowalker Fatmate trailer.

  • The lightweight aluminum frame, made of 7005 aircraft aluminum, allows you to carry up to 110lbs. It's not magic, but physics: 50-60% of the gear weight is on the back wheel, significantly reducing stress on your knees, whether you’re going uphill or downhill. The remaining weight is on your hipbelt.


  • You love to Rock'n'Roll ? The new Monowalker Fatmate comes with crash protection underneath allowing you to tow the trailer in pathless areas over rocks or fallen trees


  • The name Fatmate was inspired by its 20x4” thick tire, which makes walking through mud, snow, sand or any where you want to go as effortless as possible. No path is off limits with this new tire model. With over a year’s research in the field, we haven’t had one punctured tire yet!


  • The uniquely Z-shaped configuration of the handlebar frame guarantees a stable platform which allows you to walk freehand, swinging your arms besides your body naturally. Even without holding on to the handles, the Monowalker hiking trailer will remain stable. The (body) harness designed specifically for this model creates more comfort and equal weight distribution at the hips.


  • Downhill routes are easily traversed with the help of the mechanical disc brake. Located at the handle bar, you can easily operate the brakes and adjust the level of brake resistance when traveling downhill. The disc brakes allows you to stop and rest whenever you would like; take a deep breath or lean back and relax for a moment, the disc brakes will hold you and your gear in place.






Extra gear ? But zero weight on the handles ? 


Planning on carrying extra heavy or bulky gear like water, food, baby diapers or dog food ? In this case, you want to choose the Monowalker  fattire rack ; an add-on rack for the Monowalker hiking trailer.( this is an option and not included with the trailer purchase)  With gear positioned directly at the wheel axle, no extra weight is on the handles! In order to guarantee balanced handles, you will want to distribute your gear quite evenly. You can attach bags or cans on the sides of the  fattire rack (payload 30 kg / 66 lb) , but as a result you will be more restricted in the terrain or trail you use. Any front bicycle bags or rear panniers for the fattire rack  or self modified cans with rack hooks can be attached to the racks You`ll find the racks in our online shop.


The Fatmate is also a backpack! 


Whether you have to fly to your destination, or go to places not easily accessible by foot, the light-weight aluminum frame transforms into a backpack frame and the wheel and handlebars fit inside the duffle bag that can be ordered along with the Fatmate.






Your gear will find its place in our  waterproof travelbag.


Its an option you can get with the Fatmate. But a backpack you already have, fits as well excellent on the Monowalker Fatmate . The Monowalker bag has a volume of 140 l. The water sealed zipper and high frequency welded fabric protect your gear reliable from splash water and dust. It can carry camp gear, photo or film equipment or a shot dear.





And of course, the Fatmate can also be turned into a bike trailer for those who want to cycle and hike the world. 


The payload of the bicycle trailer  is up to 150 pound. So you can carry a canoe, a white water kayak, as well as additional gear. Alternatively, you can take all the gear needed for your next expedition, including several day’s week’s worth of food and water. To upgrade the hiking trailer to the bicyle trailer, you only need one additional wheel, the axle, and the trailer drawbar with kickstand. The hub of the Monowalker Fatmate wheel will be stripped down to a wheel chair hub, that can be attached from one side with wheelchair quick-release axles on the bicycle trailer cross axle. Only one extra wheel is needed! You can choose this option here 




Packsize & Content of delivery :

The Monowalker Fatmate hiking trailer will be shipped in parts as shown in the picture below. In this size, it fits as well in a packraft or kajak, a bush airplane or stored in your truck. Length of the frame : 117cm Packzize of the wheel: 59 x 59cm , weight of the trailer : 9,8 kg, weight of the harness 1 kg

Content of delivery: pre - assembled hiking trailer as shown on top , with 3 sets of packbelts & harness ( available in two sizes) 

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