MONOWALKER hikingtrailer

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Release your back!

Let the MONOWALKER trailmate make your hike through the Alps, tundra or desert become a thoroughly fulfilling experience.  Since only half of your equipment’s weight is on your hips, you can carry extra supplies with comfort.  Due to its smart geometry, no weight is on your shoulders or neck. With all the remaining weight being on the back wheel, your hike becomes much more relaxing and enjoyable.  The disc brake allows you to easily take a break, take a deep breath or relax by leaning back, holding you and your baggage in place. 


The MONOWALKER goes with you to any destination. It does not restrict your movement while pulling because of the specialized MONOWALKER hip belt. The belt also reduces one-sided impact on your shoulders, neck and back. Additionally, during uphill and downhill hiking, stress on your knees is reduced because only half the total weight is on your hips. Downhill routes are easily traversed with help of the disc brake.  Manipulated from the handle bar, you can choose the level of brake resistance to help you easily travel downhill.


Take the MONOWALKER trailmate through any terrain. So far, we haven’t encountered a single trail in the Alps impossible for the trailer to traverse; single trails, rocky trails, rooted trails- the MONOWALKER follows you!

When the hiking trail turns into mountain climbing or a fixed rope route, the MONOWALKER can be used as backpack (MONOWALKER mountainmate).  With minimal effort, the MONOWALKER trailmate is converted to a backpack (MONOWALKER mountainmate) in just a few minutes.  This is accomplished by removing the substructure of the trailer and the handlebars then connecting the hip belt assembly directly to the main frame.  In this configuration, the majority of the load is still supported by the hipbelt, allowing you to carry heavy loads over difficult terrain.  


Don`t carry your gear, tow your gear! The MONOWALKER trailmate makes your hiking even more enjoyable, turning your outdoor adventure into a real pleasure.  



Technical information

Material: Platform CNC machined Plywood (95x38 cm / 37,5” x 15”) 

Weight: 6 kg/ 13.23 lb Payload: 45 kg/ 100 lb

Drawbar: wood ash tree- bent with steam and ergonomically designed

Load bearing system: hip belt and padded shoulder belt ( incl. in delivery) 

Tire: Schwalbe Jumpin`Jack 20“x 2,25 (width 57 mm)


Wheel: classic 18 hole spoke  wheel in 20" with double wall alloy rim, CNC machined hub with sealed ball bearings - made in Germany(777 g / wheel) 


Brake: mechanical Disk brake 


Upgrade-can be converted as:

• cycling trailer MONOWALKER cyclemate

• backpack MONOWALKER mountainmate

• travel trailer MONOWALKER travelmate 

• shopping trailer MONOAWLKER citymate



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