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we want to deliver in 10/2020 the Monowalker Fatmate hiking cart and want to offer you this all terrain marvel with new specifications. To realize this production, we need 150 orders minimum at a time, to get the aluminum tubes and parts for the Monowalker produced by our specifications. If you want to hold your personal Monowalker hiking carts soon in your hands, we appreciate your support in this campaign with your pre-order on Indiegogo (until 08/15/2020) or place your order in our shop. If you simply want to help our cause we appreciate your donation.You are really helping us to achieve our goals and we can`t thank you enough !
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Kai Fuchs

Monowalker Design

Monowalker Fatmate

You need the best material because you are the engine.

As an avid climber, hiker and adventurer with a love of the outdoors,…
I’ve spent countless days, weekends and months traversing different landscapes and countries, and like most people who enjoy the freedom of traveling light, I went with the best backpacks I could find. But no matter how light my gear was, I still had the typical strains on my knees, shoulders and neck. As new innovations make lighter gear for the outdoors, it seems that the way we carry our gear has remained the same. read more


The handles are seamless adjustable in their width depending on the hip size of the user and in the height depending on the body size.

Fattire Reifen

The fat-tire (20″x4″ / dia. 406mm/ width 100mm) has a puncture proof Kevlar belt protection. The width and profile of the tire runs perfect on sand or snow, dirt roads and single trails. The inner tube has a Schrader valve.


You may use the mechanical disc-brake as drag-brake to slow down your walk downhill, but you can activate it as well as stop brake. Easy to use from the left handle.


Included in delivery: 3 sets of packbelts ( width 50mmx length 600mm) to fix your duffle or backpack..


The frame is made of thinwall 7020 aluminum. All tubes are telescoped and fixed by CNC machined tube clamps ( bicycle standard dimensions 34,9/31.8/28,6mm)

Monowalker Fatmate

Made for any terrain

When developing the Monowalker Fatmate hiking trailer, we had one goal in mind – to be self-sufficient, far away from civilization …
with equipment and food for days on foot, and to get along comfortably despite the heavy weight of the equipment and difficult terrain. The Monowalker Fatmate is not only made to hike in alpine terrain, but as well suitable for expeditions in the tundra, desert, or the Scandinavian Fjell without paths. It is here that it shows its real strengths. With the Fatmate, it does not matter if there is a path, if snowfields obstruct the way or the ground is muddy. With 4 “(10 cm) wide Fattire tires you can move reliably over any terrain. The width of the tire prevents the trailer from sinking, even with heavy luggage and loses ground. read more

Monowalker Fatmate

Technology that reduces your gear weight

Thanks to the special geometry of the Monowalker Fatmate, you will carry half of yourgear weight on your hips…
without sacrificing comfort. The other half of the gear weight is on the rear wheel. With this advantage, any hike becomes a pleasure. By using the Fatmate rack, with additional side-panniers you can reduce the gear weight on your body by 70-80%. read more

50% of the gear weight
50% of the gear weight
30% of the gear weight
70% of the gear weight
Monowalker Fatmate

Physical advantages

Due to the free-swinging suspension of the trailer on the Monowalker hip belt, the fully loaded MONOWALKER Fatmate will not affect your movement….
.One-sided loads on the shoulder, neck or back muscles, such as those that can occur while wearing a very heavy backpack, are eliminated, even though you can carry 40 kg of gear or more with the Monowalker Fatmate. Downhill and uphill hikes with the Monowalker causes less stress on your knees, because you only carry 50-30% of your gear weight (40 kg equipment load is the comfort area for trained hikers)
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Monowalker Fatmate

The harness

The Monowalker harness is made for pulling the Monowalker Fatmate hiking trailer and is available in three sizes.( Size S up to 88 cm/ Size M up to 110 cm/L for super strong men) … You will find at the hipbelt three loops to connect with the handles at a position that fits with your hip size. A forth loop is made for pulling two wheel carts or pulks. . A  buckle at the hipbelt front side has panic release features . It can be opened within a second as well with tensile load in case of an emergency. The harness can be attached with two velcro belts ( sewed at the hipbelt and shoulder belt, plus and extension beltset) to the mainframe, to convert the mainframe to a packframe. This conversion offers you the option to carry your gear on your back in case that the trail is unusable for the cart ( e.g. climbing passage or the path is blocked with rocks)
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Monowalker Fatmate

The disk brake

On steep descents, a mechanical disc brake will stop your trailer or can be used as a drag brake. Even pausing on steep climbs will be a real break
because with a pulled disc brake you can lean with your entire body weight in the Monowalker Fatmate and relax, while the Monowalker and the loaded equipment rests in the carabiners on the hip belt and on the wheel. With pulled discbrake, you may store the cart at the wall ( e.g. in the train, in your apartment or when using a public restroom on your hike)

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Monowalker Fatmate


The Monowalker Fatmate handles – made of aircraft aluminium – are adjustable in their width and height according the body height  …
The discbrake can be activated from the left handle and has not to be hold when using it as drag-brake, due to a micro friction inside the lever, that holds the pre-adjusted position. The disc-brake cable can be devided in two parts by a cable splitter, to disassemble the cart when packed for your journey.

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Monowalker Fatmate

Fatmate tire

The Fatmate tire ( 20″x10”/ dia.406mm width 100mm) has a Kevlar belt protection layer inside and prevents punctures …
The tire runs perfect on hard trails and on soft grounds like snow and sand. The inner tube has a Schrader valve and can be repaired in case of a puncture as a bicycle innertube, but punctures are unknown with this tire quality read more

Monowalker Fatmate

The  frame

The frame and its tubes and CNC machined parts are made in Germany.  …
read moreTubes made of 7020 Aluminium are laser cut and black anodized.

Monowalker Fatmate

Fattire rack

Planning on carrying extra heavy or bulky gear like water,…
food, baby diapers when hiking with kids or dog food when hiking with your best companion? In this case, you want to choose the Monowalker fattire rack with an extra payload of 24 kg/ 55lb; ( the limit are the bicycle side panniers, not the rack)  or 60 l side bags with a special bag holder, made by Monowalker Design.  With gear positioned directly at the wheel axle, no extra weight is on the handles!
The rack can be disassembled for easier transport into three parts to carry it with the disassembled cart by plane, bus or car.
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With the packbelts ( 800×50 mm each) you may fix your duffle, backpack or your hunted game.

Monowalker Fatmate

Technology that reduces your gear weight

Thanks to the special geometry of the Monowalker Fatmate, you will carry only half of your gear weight on your hips … without sacrificing comfort. The other half of the gear weight is on the rear wheel. With this advantage, any hike becomes a pleasure. By using the Fatmate rack, you can reduce the gear weight on your body by 70%. read more

Monowalker Fatmate

It is made for

Hikers -who appreciate adventures in nature and don’t want to hike with heavy weight on their shoulders
Hunters -who need to pull animals out of the woods
Parents -who want to camp with their children but have too much to carry for 2-4 people.
Disaster Control personnel -who need to carry heavy equipment on trails where vehicles are of no practical use
Photographers & Documentary Filmmakers -who want to carry heavy gear and outdoor equipment
Bushwalkers -who want to do long distance walks, carrying water and food for many days without access to civilization for periods of time
Youth group leaders -who need to carry personal items plus group equipment
Worldtravelers -who like to carry gear for a year with more comfort
Monowalker Fatmate

Easy to disassemble to carry it by plane, train or bus

The Monowalker will be shipped to you as pre-assembled assembly-set with tools.
It can be packed in the same way, when it is required to carry it in a very compact size. ( as in a packraft). When assembled, you can split it for your journey into three parts (rearend unit, handlebar unit, mainframe) to store it without complications in a train, bus or car. read more

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Introducing the monowalker fatmate, carry large loads ANYWHERE easily. This is one of the most rugged …

Monowalker Fatmate

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