Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our Monowalker products.

If you can not find a suitable answer here, please send us a message via the contact page.

How long does it take to get a Monowalker Fatmate hiking cart?

We apologize for the inconvenience but we  are currently sold out of the Monowalker  model 2019(status 07/2019). We are working on our new production after taking important steps to reduce our carbon footprint by moving the Monowalker frame production back to Germany. The new Monowalker Fatmate is engineered in Germany and manufactured with state of the art technology such as  laser-cut tubes, 5-axis CNC machined and robot welded parts. 

Where is the Monowalker sold?

The Monowalker Fatmate hiking cart is sold online and directly from the manufacturer to the customer.. We sell worldwide from Germany via DHL or FedEx. The shipping quotes you find  on our website are based on DHL’s standard rates. For expedited shipping, get in touch with us and ask for a shipping quote with FedEx.

What about shipping and handling?

We ship via DHL because of their low prices and reliable, quick way of delivery. Shipping within the EU, Norway and Switzerland will take from 3-7 days. Overseas, the respective local parcel services will take over for DHL, such as USPS in the U.S. or Canada Post in Canada, to just name some. Shipping to the U.S. takes about  2-3 weeks, however, shipping to Canada takes only 10 days. ( Canada shipment is faster because of the CETA contract between the EU and Canada.Customs clearance is simplified)

Import taxes

Import taxes don’t apply within the EU, but EU customers will pay the German 19% VAT/sales tax that is already included in the displayed price.

The sales tax/VAT in the EU destination country has not to be payed on top! You are lucky, we have in Germany beside Luxembourg the lowest purchase tax in the EU.

Thanks to more lenient custom regulations (based on the CETA contract between the EU and Canada and the JEFTA contract between the EU and Japan), import taxes don’t apply to Canadian customers and customers from Japan . Only sales tax/VAT.

All customers outside the EU,Canada and Japan have to pay import fees and their country’s/state’s respective sales tax.  The prices shown on our website will automatically adjust for your location (based on your computer IP address), however sales taxes and import fees are not included in the price shown.

Here an example for import fees in  the US:
MONOWALKER Hikingtrailer Fatmate HS code 8716.80.520 Origin country Germany import fee 3,2%
MONOWALKER rack Fatmate HS code 8716.90.5060 Origin country Germany import fee 3,1%
TRAVELBAG or Vaude side panniers HS code 4202.92.9100 Origin country Germany import fee 17,6%
VAT/purchase tax e.g. in North Carolina 4,75 %

When you are from other countries,call your customs office if you want to know in advance how much import fees you have to pay. Tell them the HS code listed above and they will tell you the import fees.

What is the box size?

The Monowalker Fatmate is disassembled and packed in a box  with the size of 80x60x45 cm. Weight of the packed cart with harness 15 kg ( incl. packing material)

What is the weight of the hiking trailer?

It`s at 9 kg / 19,8 lbs. In reality, you will have 4,5 kg on your hipbelt, if your trailer would be empty.

What is the weight distribution on the cart?

The Monowalker Fatmate carries your gear weight, whether for a 1-week hike or a continental traverse. When you carry your gear in the Monowalker travelbag, make sure that heavy items are loaded close to the rear wheel. By following this advice, you will feel less gear weight on the body. Without using the Monowalker Fatmate rack the  weight distribution will be at  50% on the rear wheel and 50% on the handles.

If you choose the Monowalker Fatmate rack, you can either load 24 kg in two side panniers or 30 kg in duffles at the Monowalker rack. The gear weight that you`ll carry on the rack above the wheel axle does not reach the handles as it is carried by the wheel. Thus, one can realize a weight distribution of 70% -80% on the wheel and 20-30% on the body.

Please have in mind: with side panniers you will need more space on the trail. For example, if the path is overgrown by bushes or you blocked by rocks, side panniers may cause problems . If necessary, these side  bags must be temporarily suspended.

Payload: 50 kg/110lbs

How do I get spare-parts if I am in the US?

We will have an inventory in North Carolina ( USA) by end of the year  and will stock most of the parts, so we can ship these in short time if necessary. In the meantime we may ship all products from Germany by DHL

The Monowalker discbrake

The disc brake installed on the Monowalker is a mechanical road bike disc brake, which has a better brake performance in combination with a barend shifter than a mountain bike disc brake. This works perfect with a 11-speed barend shifter in friction mode that is switched micro friction mode. The micro friction of the lever makes it possible to preset the braking force so that you can use the disc brake as a “drag brake” when running downhill. Thus, the pressure on the hiker is reduced by the gear weight when going downhill.

The disc brake can also completely decelerate the Monowalker Fatmate . When the brake is pulled, you can lean into the Monowalker Fatmate to enjoy your a break at a steep climb or to store it on a wall to save space.

What tires do you use? How can I repair it?

The tire is a Veerubber Mission Command  20” ( 406mm) x 4”  . The tire has a Kevlar belt inside and is puncture resistant. (120 tpi) The inner tube has a  Schrader valve and can be easy repaired with a repair kit. If you want to be on the safe side and on a longer journey take an extra tube with you. The tire will last  8000 km.(user experience)

Of what material is the Monowalker Fatmate made of ?

The Monowalker Fatmate hiking cart frame is made of EN AW 7020 aluminum tubes that are specially drawn for us in Germany (this is the alloy for  high quality road bike and mountainbikes frames). The tubes are laser cut with high a high-precision  tube laser machine so that they will  fit perfectly in the welding process.

The tubes are telescoped and fixed by seatpost clamps in 34,9/31,8/28,6. In order to adjust the height of the bar according to the body size, this frame tube can be telescoped. It is made of  titanium Grade 9 tubes. The handlebar is seamless adjustable by two titanium tubes  in grade 9 alloy in order to be able to adjust the width of the handle according  the hip and shoulder width. The Monowalker handles are bent from EN 6060 alloy computer numeric controlled.

The Monowalker rack is also made of EN AW 7020 alloy and is sticked into the main-frame .

Are the ball bearings of the hub sealed?

We are using the best sealed and greased ball bearings available with 2RS sealing

The wheel

Wheel specification:

The rim is a lightweight rim from Alex rims:  Blizzerk 90 (640 g) rim in 20 “(406mm) 32 L

Spokes: 2mm stainless steel black with brass nipples

Hub: width 135 mm, 32 L, 6-hole brake disc mount, ball bearing 2RS sealing

Can I adjust the handlebar height and width?

In order to adjust the height of the bar according to the body size, the upper main frame tube can be telescoped. It is made of  titanium Grade 9 tubes. The handlebar is seamless adjustable by two titanium tubes  in grade 9 alloy in order to be able to adjust the width of the handle according  the hip and shoulder width.

The price.....

… hmm … a spoonful of sugar first: people have many modes of escape to their personal freedom, and all sorts of kit to facilitate adventure and exploration- none of it is cheap. To take just one comparison, if your mode of escape is a mountain bike, you might pay 1000 – 2000 – 5000 USD. A quality rucksack might set you back 150-450 USD. A Kayak will give you freedom and relief on water, but for 1500 USD or more.

Here’s the medicine: by the laws of physics all the dynamic stresses of a rucksack load, in addition to your own body mass, go through your shoulders, neck, back, hips, knees, etc.For me as creator of the Monowalker Fatmate, those stresses result in intolerable, preclusive pain in my shoulders and neck. In this context, and taking into account the sheer quality of this all-terrain-marvel, the 1299,00 Euro price tag (incl. German sales tax for customers from the EU) respective 1099,00 €(price ex EU, e.g. USA, Canada or Switzerland) price tag of the Monowalker might seem really very reasonable.What are your knees and shoulders worth and experiences in the great outdoors ? Consider it is an investment in your future freedom … or, as the price to pay for a new lease of LIFE!”

We are producing this hiking trailer in Germany with high precision machines and assemble it with high end components, made for you who want to spend the most precious time of the year in the great outdoors. The special designed harness is made in Germany at a highly regarded mountain equipment supplier. It can be used to tow the fully loaded hiking trailer or a pulk in the winter and can be used to convert the hiking trailer into a packframe. The trailer itself has many special features that are made exclusively for us and are not out of the shelf. Its disc-brake and tire are the best quality you can get on the market. The travel bag is made from quality waterproof durable material to protect your gear from water and dust. We have the ambition to build the best hiking trailer on the market to carry your gear in remote and extreme areas in the world.