He cycled with the Monowalker

Jacob Adoram

I’m a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot that wanted something more in life. It was a great job, but just a little too predictable for my taste. Consequently, I left the military in the Summer of 2014 and made my way to Europe to begin a series of small adventures, leading up to bigger adventures in the future. That’s when I met Kai and his innovative product, the Monowalker. I used the Monowalker to hike throughout Germany and France in the hiking trailer mode, then converted it to the bicycle trailer and used it to ride across the United States. I couldn’t have asked for a better product! I’m now balancing work with my next big adventure – to row across the Pacific Ocean (yes, really – I’m going to try and row across). Though I won’t have a Monowalker with me in the great expanse of ocean blue, the Monowalker logo will be proudly displayed on the side of my boat every mile of the way. Remember that all it takes to go for something big is the keep your fear from overpowering your desire for more. And fear is mitigated by experience – get out there and see the world. Make the decision, keep pressing forward, and turn your ideal vision of the future into reality!

My bicycle ride across America

For an initial trial of endurance I decided to ride a bicycle across America. My initial plan was to walk, but I spent too much of my initial post-military time traveling and preparing for my ocean rowing project. In order to make it to the East coast before the boat constructions begins, I figured the next best thing was to ride a bike. Either way, I made it across the country using human power alone.

The planned route

Below was the planned route prior to leaving. It also happens to be the route for the Race Across America. I figured if the route is good enough for a race, it’ll be good enough for me, and I wasn’t wrong. Although it was my baseline plan, I made a few deviations along the way just for fun. Overall, I really enjoyed this route since it took me through such varied terrain and scenery. Read more herehttps://www.jacobadoram.com/thebike/

<h3>See here some impressions of Jacobs journey</h3>

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Jacob has been startet his journey, crossing the ocean at the 7th of July, rowing from Neah Bay ( Washington state) to Cairns, Australia. Follow his journey here.

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