Monowalker Fatmate

Made for any terrain

The new Monowalker Fatmate trailer, as shown on this website, will be available October 2020. 100% made in Germany.
Pre-orders are welcome.

Why the delay? We have relocated our production to Germany for ecological reasons. We are proud to offer this product with 7020 aluminum tubes from bicycle industry. These tubes will be drawn for us in Germany and thus we have a short transportation route to the processing plant. The tubes will be laser cut and some components will be  manufactured with high precision on 3 & 5 axis CNC machines in Germany and the Netherlands. We regret that we can`t offer Monowalker Fatmate hiking carts at the moment because we are sold out with the 2018/2019 model. For customers from Europe we can offer the Monowalker Fatmate for a period of up to 6 weeks for rent.

If you want to pre-order: Configure your Monowalker Fatmate according to your needs. The harness is available in three sizes. Size M usually fits most customers. If you want to feel less weight on the handles and hipbelt, choose the Monowalker rack as an accessory. With the rack you will reduce the equipment weight by up to 70% on the body, as the weight is distributed to the wheel. .

If you have questions:  you can get in touch via the contact form or via

Or rent one from €133