Monowalker rack for duffles

299,00  incl. German purchase tax (vaild for customers in the EU)


Planning on carrying extra heavy or bulky gear like water, food, camera equipment or dog food when hiking with dogs ? In this case, you want to choose the Monowalker fattire rack – designed by Monowalker Design-
with an extra payload of 30 kg/ 66lb; an add-on rack for the Monowalker fatmate hiking trailer. It is designed for larger duffles with more volume than a bicycle side panier, that we offer here in the shop
(FYI – this is an option and not included with the trailer purchase)  With gear positioned directly on top of the wheel axle, no extra weight is on the handles!


In order to guarantee balanced handles, you will want to distribute your gear quite evenly. You can attach the special Monowalker bags on the sides of the fattire rack (or choose the version with  bicycle pannier upgrade to use waterproof Vaude bicycle sidepanniers-  or your own side panniers).A note: by using bicycle side panniers or bags you will be more restricted in the terrain or trail you use due to possible damage to the bags. If you plan to carry water, we recommend to use 5 l flexible water bags made of waterproof fabric.We designed this rack with the task to fit with the fat tire wheel, but as well to offer you a rack that can be disassembled for easier transport by plane or car. Just open the tube clamps and slide out the rack tubes from the rear-end tubes.


Fattire rack with stays for the Monowalker Fatmate. This rack fits with waterproof  Ortlieb or Vaude rear
bicycle panniers. (not included in delivery)

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Weight 2 kg