Monowalker travelbag

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The Monowalker travelbag has a roll-up closure and is unique at this volume on the market. It will be closed first at the topside with velcro and then rolled. Inside and outside belts will compress your gear.

Why using a roll-up closure?

The Monowalker Travelbag is a waterproof travelbag with roll-up closure. All seams of the bag are high frequency welded and 100% waterproof The bag roll up closure will be sealed in a first step with velcro and then the roll clusure will be wrapped.. The Monowalker travelbag can be packed tight with 140 l volume or up to 170 l. The bag has a wide opened mouth to fill the bag very comfortable with your camp gear. Due to this wide open space, you can easily carry cut meat from your hunt in this bag.


The bag is made of high-frequency welded waterproof fabric. With this roll-up closure, you may vary the volume of the bag from 140 l up to 170l. With a lenght of 90 cm and a width of 50 cm, it offers enough space for the gear of two persons and is large enough to carry your game, if you are a hunter.


For packing the bag you can open the bag with two small plastic rods. Inside there is a seperate pocket, which is attached to the side wall by Velcro and has a A5 format. Two compression straps inside gather the luggage together and help to close the bag. With two shoulder straps, the bag can also be transported on the back. 6 D-rings allow lashing of other items such as wet clothes, a Goal Zero solar panel or a mattress on the outside of the bag.


Made in Germany exclusiv for Monowalker Design



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