SKS Anywhere bottlecage holder

13,90  incl. German purchase tax (vaild for customers in the EU)


The bottlecage holder ANYWHERE from SKS can be fixed at the handles or the mainframe tubes , fixed with velcro belts. A rubber layer at the inside of the velcro belt and the bottle cage prevents that the bottle cage holder can get out of place. It fits for water bottles 0,75 l.

By the way, we use those bottle cages not only for carrying water. On hikes we collect cherries, nuts, blueberries and other fruits that we find on the way in bottles and carry breakfast cereals , dried fruits and otherĀ  snacks in bottles and store them at the handlebar. Its a welcome snack during the hike.

Belts: Velcro, 330mm , will fit for tubes up to dia. 80 mm

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Weight 0.5 kg