Vaude QMR2 hooks for bicycle sidepanniers

14,00  incl. German purchase tax (vaild for customers in the EU)


Replacement set for our QMR mounting system 2.0. Includes two hooks and a handle. QMR is a high quality, technically sophisticated mounting system for quickly attaching and detaching your bike bags. The set is also compatible with the old QMR system – because long-lasting products are good for the planet. For those who are planning longer hikes, a spare set is recommended in case you walk  on trails with a lot of rocks or bushes.  If the side pannier, attached at the Monowalker rack gets stuck on a tree or rock, it can tear off. It has no weight and can help  in an emergency case.


The second generation of our Quick Mount Release Hook: even easier to operate and is lockable directly at the hook (for example, with an ABUS 145/20 lock).
We recommend leaving a minimum distance of 11 cm between hooks during installation.



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